FEMA Required Classes

Please follow this link to FEMA's Online Classes. If you do not currently have a FEMA Student Number, you can Sign up here Free of Cost.. The required FEMA courses are the ICS-100, 200, 700, and 800, This will give each member knowledge of the ICS system and how it all works. This is the standard for all disaster responses.

CPR/First Aid, AED, and Bloodbourne Pathogens

Please contact your local hospital or Red Cross for times and availability of the classes.


Contact us for a link to our google classroom for these classes. Thes can be done on your time and at your pace. State managers are always here to help as well as our national managers.

Air Search Team (Fixed Wing
Airborne reconnaissance (Fixed wing)
Canine SAR - Avalanche Search and Snow Scent
Canine SAR - Disaster Response
Canine SAR - Land Cadaver Air Scent
Canine SAR - Water Air Scent
Canine SAR - Wilderness Air Scent
Canine SAR - Wilderness Tracking/Trailing
Cave Search and Rescue
Collapse Search and Rescue
Mine and Tunnel Search and Rescue
Mountain Search and Rescue
Radio Direction Finding Team

Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue
Underwater SCUBA Diving SAR/R
US&R Incident Support Team
US&R Task Forces
Wilderness Search and Rescue
Emergency Medical Technician (BLS)
Advanced Life Support (ALS/Paramedics)
Registered Nurse
Emergency Managers
Building Inspectors (post disaster)
Building Contractors
Tractor Trailer owners and truckers